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La Maison Verte Restaurant


La Maison Verte is established in a 170 years old ancestral house.

It’s vocation is noted for it’s fine gastronomical French cuisine, fresh seasonal products and also local product. Through the years, this family business has developed a unique ambiance and exceptional service. These are the makings of a tailored reputation that has earned La Maison verte a standing of it’s own in the West Island. Romanticism and our decor go hand in hand with our private rooms and covered terrace, wich provides a warm welcome and instills a lasting memory enticing our cherished customers to return.

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La Maison Verte | The owner and his son
La Maison Verte | The history of the house


The estimated date of the green house is 1850. It would have been built by the Demers family.

In 1884 the house was sold with the land that leads to the Prairies river to Séraphin Meloche, the village Grover. When his widow died everything was given to their son Olivier. In 1950, Eva Lalonde was the one to purchase the house followed by Louise-Hélene Lalonde who in 1967 sold the house to Paul Carrière, a restaurant owner in Pierrefonds. It was then sold in 1974 to Rosaline Bird who then sold it to people from Ontario in 1985 before being sold once more to Maurice Arsenault of Roxboro in 1991. Jacques Gosselin of Pierrefonds buys it in 1995. He wishes to transform this beautiful house in a quality restaurant. The original house is restored, moved back from the street and elevated on a hill to give it the presence that we now see today. The 14th of March 2011 the actual owner Éric, kitchen aid when he started with his father acquires the restaurant. He is the son of Jacques Gosselin. As of now a third generation rises to the challenge! His son Samuel is now “sous-chef”. The restaurant proposes fine cuisine with a tendency toward French gastronomy.


Award-winning house in 2004, by the city of Montréal in collaboration with Héritage Montréal as part of operation architectural heritage.

The Stone building known under the name “Maison Damase Richer” was built around 1830 by the craftsman Charles Brunet. It is distinctive by its two front doors that lead to different rooms, that was once two dwellings, and the two chimneys that are aligned on the roof of the house. This property constitutes an excellent example of the valorization and the preservation of old Côte-Sainte Geneviève.

La Maison Verte | The history of the house
La Maison Verte | The history of the house

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