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La Maison Verte


La Maison Verte is established in a 160 years old ancestral house. It’s vocation is noted for it’s fine gastronomical French cuisine, and fresh seasonal products such as wild game. Through the years, this family business has developed a unique ambiance and exceptional service. These are the makings of a tailored reputation that has earned La Maison verte a standing of it’s own in the West Island. Romantisism and our decor go hand in hand with our private rooms and covered terrace, wich provides a warm welcome and instills a lasting memory enticing our cherished customers to return.

Dinner Show

Restaurant La Maison Verte
A wonderful dinner before heading to La Salle Pauline Julien to see your favorite artist. To visit la Salle Pauline Julien, please, click here

Info : 514-696-6308

La touche du Chef

Restaurant La Maison VerteRestaurant La Maison Verte

Our chef, Xavier Rommel, working for La Maison Verte since 1996. He is the Chef of the restaurant since 2008. Formed in “Cuisine” at Paris, he renew constantly his recipes with seasonal products and give a personal touch to the menu of La Maison Verte. Ably, he leads his team every day to seduce your taste buds …

Getting married at La Maison Verte.

Restaurant La Maison Verte

All opportunities are good for coming to La Maison Verte, especially during your marriage. La Maison Verte has been chosen for years by many couples who wanted to celebrate their wedding with us. We have choices of menus to suit all budgets, rooms to suit your needs and surroundings and romantic atmosphere.

The Dinner Cocktail

Restaurant La Maison Verte
We present:
Cheers for dinner cocktails!
The dinner cocktail is a reception that includes a varied menu where each enjoyed a variety of appetizers cold, hot, salty and sweet in the evening.



Whatever the occasion, our gift certificates are available in 25, 50 or 100 dollars.

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